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Social Responsibility 06

Elevating the Workplace Experience and Strengthening the Surrounding Community with Meaningful Resources

Giving Back to
the Community

Social Responsibility in Action

GK has a history of and long-term commitment to elevating the workplace experience for employers as well as their employees. We help strengthen the local community with meaningful resources.

A Service-Oriented, Values-Driven Culture

Medical Services for Employees

GK provided critical support to the flagship project «Love and Care Medical Clinic», which has already provided general medical services and social assistance to more than 25,000 people in the local community who have limited resources. In addition, we are providing permanent medical services for employees.

Public School Support

GK provides monthly and ongoing support to various public schools in the communities near our companies and facilities, including Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub. Current programs are already benefiting more than 3,000 children.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub is certified ISO-14001:2015 for Environment Management Systems and GK promotes environmentally friendly operations. Some of our initiatives include reforestation programs using a variety of plants and trees from our nursery, which are then used for campaigns such as “A Greener Honduras”.